From Marine to Matador

Danny Mruk, son of the Brain Wellness Fund Executive Director, Beth Mruk, recently commented on a friend and fellow Marine’s journey to find peace and wholeness after returning from combat…

Extremely proud of my man Drew Doudaklian Lucas! I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor as a young Marine. As Marines, we have this mask we put on and act like the experiences we had overseas didn’t take a toll on us but in reality there are so many veterans struggling with the transition home. I’m very pleased to see that you have found your calling and the work that you do is inspiring!

While I am on this topic, I will also have to thank my mom Beth Bitonti-Mruk and all the folks at Brain Wellness and Biofeedback (301 215 7721) which provide a non-intrusive brain mapping and treatment for veterans suffering from TBIs. Thank you for all the hard work and late hours you and your team have put in for such a great cause.